First mobile phone with Internet connectivity

The First mobile phone with Internet connectivity in the world

The first mobile phone with Internet connectivity was the Nokia 9000 Communicator. It was launched in Finland back in 1996.It was the first model in the Nokia Communicator series, which was announced in 1996 at CeBIT and released on 15 August 1996. It was introduced on the market. The phone was 397 gram (14.0 oz) wide and thick, but at the moment solid. This power is powered by Intel 24 MHz i386 CPU[3] and consists of 8 MB of memory, which divide the program’s memory (2 MB) and user data (2 MB) between applications (4 MB). PEN / GEOS 3.0 is the operating system. After IBM Simon in 1994, and HP OmniGo 700LX, a DOS palmtop machine with built in cradle for cellular Nokia 2110, which was launched by the end of 1995, Communicator is one of the earliest mobile devices on the market.

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