3 Steps to Creating Content that Resonates and Converts

3 Steps to Creating Content that Resonates and Converts

3 Steps to Creating Content that Resonates and Converts

Preparing changeable ingredients is not a part of the cake. Not only should it be informative and valuable, but it should also be attractive and visualizable. Although it is a long-read, video or infographics, it attracts traffic and generates leads. How do we deal with all these content challenges? Let’s share some insights with you.

3 Steps to Creating Content that Resonates and Converts

Step 1. Drive with convertible traffic high altitude

A brief disclosure: We are a group, a group composed of AI-powered team chats. As a startup on the pre-launch stage, we have to develop marketing strategies so that we can get visitors, leads and finally customers. Inspired by the success stories of world-class mother-of-mammals, we have kept our betting material on the market.

It’s not a secret to get the sort of content in Google, the competition is crazy. However, we are still able to give high-quality status to our articles. This has attracted many eyeballs and converted the browser into potential customers.

It starts with all keywords According to the inbound marketing principles, we should start a quality blog and optimize for some keywords. The question was: What can Google query users take to our website?

During our keyword research, we focused on keywords with 100+ search queries/months. As we saw through the questions offered by Google Keyword Planner, the “Slack Option” was noticed – a keyword that stood among others. This was a “yes” moment for our team because he gave us a significant size of our entire content marketing strategy.

For these three reasons, with the efforts of our material, we got a green light to move forward. Like in the next step, our team took time to go deeper into this problem and tried to make an effort to make every slack alternative. Instead of having a small paragraph on each device with screenshots (like many other articles on each subject), we have actually given a thorough review of tools like slack.

It looks like we did it all right – there was the purpose, the content was real feedback from our team’s number, comparisons, and complete analysis. Fortunately, it was good for all the hard work we did. As a result of our efforts, the article was converted at a 10% rate.

When we decide …

Find other competitor alternate keywords Some “scalable options” approach needs some scaling. So we have written more reviews, e.g. Hipcatch options, What’s up against Slack etc. Finally, we ran an entire blog class named “Team Chat War”. Reviews and comparisons that work patiently in our team have become a lead generation machine for our website.

Of course, in this article, it will be difficult for visitors to convert without mentioning chinti. Okay, we’ve done it. We will note that we mention the humble models of our team without strict sales in each of our groups. At the same time, we try our best to keep up the facts and to be as neutral as possible, so many of our readers are happy to join our amazing adoptive family. Readers’ comments under our posts prove that we’re on the right track.

The plan that we use for Chanty can also work for you! Do you have a well-known rival? Now you can use your rival’s big name in the content you write.

Step 2. Make your content brighter and shiny

Choosing the right-to-high-key keywords to optimize your posts is only half-war winning. Actually, you will not be successful without excellent content. Everyone and his dog are chattering about high-quality stuff nowadays. But the question is how will we make them attractive and attractive?

Earning trust with your content Determine why your brand’s surroundings content is sour of your company. It’s good to kill punchlines, have fun, and make jokes. But it is to create strategies, related, structured and valuable content. Once you have helped people to solve their problems and challenges, they will stay with our product and pay customers a lot.

We have the right approach when developing content for our team’s communication tool. Fortunately, we always get encouraging feedback from our readers. In fact, it is difficult to make maximum sense of feedback power because it helps us to validate every small change made on our blog. When we try to do something new, the same reader we listen to in the first place. If we are happy, then we can authenticate. If they get disappointed, we change the way. It’s that simple.

Find your inner Hemingway

Unless deep and valuable, your content should be easy to read. Make sure to write it in a simple language without the mind’s spin-off conditions and complex concepts. Then go to the extra mile to format your articles for skim-reading: add bullet-points, sub-headline, and actionable televisions.

To engage the content further, the elements of storytelling can be very valuable. This means that you have shared your own experience on the topic. It just can not make your content even more valuable, but it may be a little artistic and fun to read. Finally, custom-made visuals – illustrations, screenshots, branded graphics, etc. Sharing is always a good idea. Luckily, these days, adding great images to your blog posts, including free photo stocks like unplugged, pixel, stock snap

Knock on some cool blogs

Guest blogging is an essential part of effective content marketing strategies. If you’re not on the first page of Google search results, you might not know about your existence to many audiences you’ve targeted. Writing for resources with related broadcasts is essential for getting additional exposure to your brand.

Besides, contributing to a third-party blog can provide some backlinks to support your articles. You can go to expert industry sources and media outlets to keep yourself in the spotlights. Unfortunately, by publishing your content there you will not have the opportunity to include a CTA form (like your blog), but if your writing is excellent, then definitely attract and convert readers.

Step 3. Optimize your web pages for conversion

People have less attention than goldfish, so we can not distract from our potential customers. Everything should be done to convert. How to achieve this goal?

Stand up your sign-up form

The entire conversion process should be dead simple. Sign-up fields should really catch the eye of the visitors. This is like sensible web design choices can help. It is also a good idea to keep your sign-up form easy to avoid 8-field long questionnaires. At Chanty, we have emailed only one thing to our visitors.

For each phase of customer travel – it is important to develop a separate Cta form. Eg At the peak, there is a beta test sign-up for people looking for a chat device for us. At the same time, we have a newsletter sign-up and eBook download form of the customer journey.

Many websites (and we also do) hack the conversion optimization that has a fixed header on the blog. This means when the scroller scrolls when the reader reads, they are viewing the menu with a call to action. This trick promotes your chances of converting on a blog post. Here’s the header with the CTA button we are using.

Move your sign-up buttons

There is a common challenge with CTA buttons. Often, visitors do not pay much attention to them. To solve this, our team implemented general animations. We’ve moved a sign-up button a bit, so our CTA Parsing turned on!

Surprisingly it really helped. We implemented this tool by the end of October 2017. Over the next two months, users double-click on this particular button as often as they used.

Experiment with Exit Destination Popup

A window popping out of pop-ups means that users once looked towards turning off the sign-up tab. There is a dispute about whether to use them. They are definitely going to try in our experience. Once we have implemented Exit Pop-up, our conversion increased and the number of leads increased by 20%.

Not all conversions are the same. Some of your visitors are ready to become customers after reading your blog post. Others want to subscribe to a newsletter or upgrade some kind of content. Therefore, not all CTA-one-size-fits. Based on the problem your readers are trying to solve with your blog post, you need to craft some CTA and continuously analyze and optimize.

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